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Winner of the Ben Warren International Book Award for outstanding teacher education materials, pages. Edited with Sau-ling Wong. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, A collection of readings on the immigration history, language background, and culture of the largest and fastest growing immigrant groups in the US, pages. An analysis of conflicting agendas influencing second language literacy, pages.

Teaching English Internationally: An Introduction.

Research in Second Language Education

Oxford: Oxford University Press, l An examination of social and educational issues affecting overseas English teaching, pages. Language Diversity: Problem or Resource? New York: Newbury House Publishers, l A collection of readings that provide social and educational perspectives on the major language minority groups in the United States, pages. Teaching Grammar: Form Function and Technique.

Oxford: Pergamon Press, l At the Door. With Dorothy Petitt. A collection of cross-cultural literary selections for ESL students, pages. Composing in a Second Language. Rowley, Massachusetts: Newbury House Publishers, l A collection of readings on L2 composition theory and practice, pages.

Fundamentals of Writing for a Specific Purpose. A writing text for intermediate ESL students, pages. Verbs for a Specific Purpose. A computer-corpus-based ESL text of common verbs, pages.

Writing for a Specific Purpose. With Lisa Rosenthal.


A writing text for advanced ESL students, pages. Rubdy International Journal of the Sociology of Language. Rubdy, L.

Harvard Educational Review. Heigham and R. Croker Eds. Qualitative Inquire in Applied Linguistics. London: Palgrave Macmillan. Doughty Eds. Previous fellows were Francis M. Ferguson is considered a pioneer in socio- and applied linguistics, including areas of English as a global language, child language acquisition, and bilingualism.

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He began his career as a linguist at the U. Hult is known for his work at the crossroads of sociolinguistics, discourse studies, and education. His research examines multilingual language management in policy and practice, focusing on linguistic landscapes and language policy and planning through an ethnographic discourse-analytic lens. He is also a leader in furthering educational linguistics as a transdisciplinary field through his own research and as founder of the Educational Linguistics list.

Hult is currently an associate professor at the Centre for Languages and Literature at Lund University, Sweden, where he is also director of studies for English. His work appears widely in major international journals, and his books include:.

Why study Applied Linguistics?

During his time at CAL, Dr. Spolsky continued to work on editing the Cambridge Handbook of Language Policy, began the editing of a collection of articles on language academies and other management agencies, and carried out research for a monograph on religious influences on language management.

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He has written and edited a dozen books and published well over book chapters and journal articles. Recent publications include. Ellis is Professor in the Department of Applied Language Studies and Linguistics, University of Auckland, New Zealand, where he teaches postgraduate courses on second language acquisition, individual differences in language learning, and task-based teaching.

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He has worked in schools in Spain and Zambia and in universities in the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States, and has conducted numerous consultancies and seminars throughout the world. In addition, Dr. Ellis is the editor of the journal Language Teaching Research. His published work includes articles and books on second language acquisition, language teaching, and teacher education. While in residence at CAL, Dr. LoBianco, a professor and researcher from the University of Melbourne and University of Queensland, Australia, is well known in linguistics circles for his contributions to research and practice concerning heritage languages and the development of national language policies.

During his time in Washington, DC, Lo Bianco was able to follow up on his work on language policy debates in Congress and to investigate the impact of national security concerns on language teaching and learning, among other interests.