Developmental Neurobiology of Vision

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Vaughn Cleghon, PhD , is interested in understanding the role of protein kinases in development and disease. His lab uses molecular biology, tissue culture, Drosophila genetics and bioinformatics to better understand fundamental mechanisms involved in the regulation of protein kinase activity. Visit the Cleghon lab site. Brian Gebelein, PhD , studies how the Hox genes specify distinct cell fates within the nervous system using the fruit fly as a model organism.

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His long-term goal is to use a combination of genetic and biochemical approaches to understand how Hox factors interact with neuronal transcription factors to regulate downstream target genes that pattern the nervous system and ultimately control cellular function and behavior. Visit the Gebelein lab site. We are seeking to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying normal development of the CNS.

We are also interested in applying advancement of our knowledge on neural development for developing novel therapeutic strategies to cure neurological diseases. These two research fields are directly related to each other, and neural stem cells are the key and major driving force to link both research fields.

Visit the Nakafuku lab site. Neurology Research in this area focuses on the development of the peripheral and central nervous systems and how intrinsic and extrinsic factors influence behavior.

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Ch'ng Group Information processing in neuroendocrine circuits. Clarke Group Cell shape and polarity during neurogenesis and brain morphogenesis.

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Drescher Group Axon guidance and formation of neural circuits in the visual system. Gordon-Weeks Group Cell biology of growth cone pathfinding. Graham Group Pharyngeal development and evolution.

Grubb Group Activity-dependent maturation of brain circuits. Hindges Group Neural connectivity and visual function. Khan Group Neural circuits of cognition. Kiecker Group Transcriptional control of forebrain regionalisation. Larsen Group Olfactory behaviour.

Developmental Biology

Lieberam Group Stem cells and neural circuit engineering. Makeyev Group Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression in developing neurons.

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Marin Group Development of the cerebral cortex in health and disease. Meyer Group Functional analysis of the zebrafish visual system.

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