Deconstructing Disney

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We are a composite of the stories we have been told. Who do you love, who do you hate? What does evil look like, or how about love? By the end of this unit, we will focus on Walt Disney Films and Entertainment, but, in the mean time, we are going to look at the stories that make Walt Disney successful, the cultural pictures we have been taught to love or hate. We will learn to read both visual and print texts, and we will learn to to evaluate the message they are giving. To do this, we will focus on Argumentation — listening to outside voices and responding to them in a reasoned, measured way.

Blog 17 - Occupy This. If you like depth on a subject, this book is for you.


Essential reading for Disney fans. I never was able to locate a copy of my own. Intelligent and to the point From Amazon While the essays are a little overly verbose and unapproachable, the subjects they speak to are difficult to find elsewhere. In my personal research of Disney, I have not been able to find a more useful critique of the cinematics and plot of Disney movies. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.

Deconstructing Disney: Frozen

Make sure to accept our cookies in order to get the best experience out of this website. If you would like to read more about this check out the Privacy Policy page. Important Message. Price may vary. I Add to my wishlist. Overview Readers reviews 3 Product Details. The kind of traditional world generally presented in Disney movies and fairy tales that rewards and reinforces nobility, feminine virtue, and courage, is a product of the white West.

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The problem is that just as the contemporary American government does all it can to destroy the vital source of the real America, the contemporary Disney Corporation is similarly cannibalizing itself. At best, Disney today stands for a spiritually empty consumerism. At worst, it is something truly sinister, deliberately poisoning young people for profit. It may seem absurd to worry about Kermit the Frog as a closet Marxist, but it is far more ludicrous that we live in a society that pays people vast sums to write about Ariel, The Little Mermaid , as a fascist.

P1 Deconstructing Disney Characters

Unfortunately, there is always some truth to such charges. The personal is political, and culture is always a battlefield.

Deconstructing Disney by Eleanor Byrne

Disney profits by giving Americans a dull echo of values and archetypes deep within the Western soul. Academics and subsidized activists derive a comfortable living deconstructing this appeal and telling whites they should feel guilty about it. Characters are products, but the stories and themes are inseparable from our life as a people. The programming that appears on the Disney channel today seems toxic if you ask me. Oddly enough, growing up in Detroit in the 60ss insulated one from a certain amount of Americana.

Disney, for instance, was nothing.

Deconstructing Disney

And the Beatles? I saw them on Sullivan, then they disappeared.

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