De vulgari eloquentia

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And because her translation—included here—is based on a thorough exegesis of that terminology, it will be recognized as definitive.

Stories from Langley Edited and with an introduction by Edward Mickolus. Warrior Diplomat Michael G. Sovereign Screens Kristin L. But who will provide them the proper knowledge to understand the manuscripts in the different dialects? Who will succeed to uncover the secrets of the books inside the Papal Library? Who will embrace the religious life and who will remain a merchant?

But in the end, who will be the most appreciated and respected for his status and his culture?

De Vulgari Eloquentia

The aim of the game is to obtain more Volgare points. The players will gain VP from reading manuscripts, looking for important documents like the Canticle of the Sun or "The Riddle from Verona". Players can also gain VP by improving their social status, for example, if the merchant become a banker or the Friar becomes a Benedictine Monk or the Cardinal becomes Camerlengo or Pope. Also Bought:. Force desktop mode. Information on the site can change at any time.

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