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My body dragged itself out of bed to start another day. I also once again failed to get the license number of the Mack Truck that hit me while I was sleeping. With FMS another day means more pain, fatigue, frustration, disappointment, doubters and just more of less. As human beings we have a wealth of empathy, understanding, and compassion available to us at any time.

I get some people think Fibromyalgia is made up by lazy or unmotivated people. They have more than enough patients, unfortunately cancer alone keeps them pretty busy. Thank you Netgalley. No cats were harmed in my fantasy conversations with Steve Martin. Steve Martin has thrilled and disappointed audiences for decades with his ever-changing style, from eccentric, incongruous, and wacky to mature to sinister to bizarre to mellow.

I think tonight will be a Steve Martin movie night. Thank you Mr. Martin for another lovely conversation, next time, you bring the cookies. Featured Reviews. Matthew O, Bookseller. Readers who liked this book also liked:. The Princess Diarist 22 Nov Entertainment.

Marley 08 Oct General Fiction Adult. This site uses cookies. I was talking to a friend of mine about you and in sort of a casually dismissive way — I hate this guy already. You, I like.

But this guy I hate. I was going through an airport once and this woman came up. I had three kids — a 5-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a baby in my arms. My wife was in New York and we were flying there from Toronto. He slugged me in the face at an airport. I have a slightly copycat personality, which means that I think I do change.

I was so fascinated by her genius that I ended up copying things she did. The odd thing is being my age but having no infirmity and not being bald and not being obese. How was that helpful?

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  • Comedy legends Steve Martin and Martin Short talk comedy and friendship.
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I was living there with Gilda Radner at the time. Ultimately, I was just afraid. But I felt I was four years behind everyone else in my development and had to catch up.

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Ah, so going over the improvisations became a way to develop material? Nichols and May are the perfect example of that style of working. Steve was at the Oscars, and he was leaving right as Russell was getting there. Not bad! Yeah, Steve was fascinated with Russell Brand. You always feel that about Woody Allen. Why is that, Woody? What is apex Martin Short? Actually, the smartest thing I did in that special is that I totally shared it with Jan Hooks. Tina Fey will tell you the same thing.

She was so, so good. Valri Bromfield is another name I see pop up as an example of a performer who maybe never got the credit her talent deserved. Valri I knew very well. She was so funny. I can tell you the day I met her: June 28 in If you want to last in show business you have to have talent, you have to have endurance, and you have to have luck. What about you though? Aside from that one-off special with Jan, have you had enough opportunities to show the full range of what you can do? I do think I was good in Innerspace.

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Certain films grow in time. Clifford is a perfect example. My outfit would have bigger buttons to make me look smaller. We had a big party scene and every girl or guy had to be six-foot-four. It was all done like that.


Figuring that stuff out sounds like such a fun game. Oh, it was great. Being an actor was like being at university. If you were guaranteed a green light, what project would you start working on tomorrow?

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There must be something. Come on, what is it? King Lear? The Trojan Women actually. A standards album?

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  • Steve Martin and Martin Short Talk New Live Comedy Tour and Secrets of Their 3-Decade Friendship.
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So your logic is that if you did a night of straight singing, the audience would be waiting the whole show for the laugh to come? For the sandbag to fall? Also, a lot of people can sing. How did you used to prepare for a Letterman appearance?

Tina Fey in Conversation with Steve Martin

And those pages consist of what? Then you have to balance all that during the appearance by making it look improvised in the moment, not speaking too much, trying to find common ground with the host.

Have you always prepared so intensely? So an impersonation of myself being relaxed was the approach from the beginning. That almost sounds like an oxymoron. That must be very rewarding.