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Those nine bars are followed by eight bars where the Guitar plays the bass line that was played under the Solo along with the Bass Guitar.

The last four bars of the song are a descending chord pattern that fades out on the last chord and ends the song. For the Solos in Black Magic Woman, Santana pretty much sticks to the D Minor Blues scale in the 10th position, borrowing fairly liberally from the D Dorian also in the 10th position when he needs the extra tones.

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We will bring you the solos in a future article. Your email address will not be published. Intro The song begins with Gypsy Queen for the intro and we are going to divide the intro into two parts.

Santana - Corazon Espinado ft. Mana (Official Video)

Intro Part 1 The first part is 12 bars and starts with the keyboard playing a flute-like melody not tabbed over a D Minor chord for almost two bars before the Bass Guitar enters. Fig 1 and Fig 2 Figure — 1 Figure — 2 Figure — 3 Intro Part 2 The second part of the Intro is nine bars long and it consists of the Guitar melody played over a single four bar section that repeats, followed by one bar of rest. Fig 10 Figure — 10 As you can see, it is just three Minor chords, but you can and you know Santana does use some chord substitutions.

For instance try replacing some or all of the D Minor chords with one of these chords. Fig 11 Figure — 11 Try replacing some A Minor chords with these versions.

The Founder of Fleetwood Mac Performs The Original “Black Magic Woman”- Really Rare Moment

Fig 13 Figure — 13 These are all simple and pretty standard substitutions and just different ways to play the same chord, but there are other variations that you can use if you do a little research. For the section of music we stick to the D Minor chord from the verse for the entire eight bars while the Keyboard plays a Solo Fig 14 and Fig 15 Figure — 14 Figure — 15 Main Song Verses and Solo The bulk of the song three Verses and a double Guitar Solo is now played over a chord progression very similar to Verse 1, minus one bar of D Major chord at the end.

Fig 19 Figure — 19 Outro Solo The Outro Solo is the final part of the song and it is mainly a long melodic Guitar Solo For the first 30 bars, the guitar solo is played over this bass line. Annuler Supprimer. Se connecter. Santana - Black Magic Woman live.

David Tarten. Santana tout simplement Got a black magic woman, I got a black magic woman I got a black magic woman got me so blind I can't see I got a black magic woman she try'in to make a devil out of me Turn your back on me baby, turn your back on me baby Turn your back on me baby don't turn babe Turn your back on me baby you might just pick up my magic sticks Got your spell on me baby, got your spell on me baby Got your spell on me baby turnin my heart into stone I need you so bad magic woman I can't leave you alone.

Santana - Black Magic Woman live - Vidéo dailymotion

Srpski Vitez. Santana - Black Magic Woman.

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