Power and State Formation in West Africa: Appolonia from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century

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Ghana is the land of Kwame Nkrumah and the Pan-Africanist movement of the s; it has been a temporary home to famous African Americans like W.

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DuBois and Maya Angelou; and its Asante Kingdom and signature kente cloth-global symbols of African culture and pride-are well known. Ghana also attracts a continuous flow of international tourists because of two historical sites that are among the most notorious monuments of the transatlantic slave trade: Cape Coast and Elmina Castles. These looming structures are a vivid reminder of the horrific trade that gave birth to the black population of the Americas.

The Fante and the Transatlantic Slave Trade explores the fascinating history of the transatlantic slave trade on Ghana's coast between and Here author Rebecca Shumway brings to life the survival experiences of southern Ghanaians as they became both victims of continuous violence and successful brokers of enslaved human beings. The era of the slave trade gave birth to a new culture in this part of West Africa, just as it was giving birth to new cultures across the Americas.

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The Fante and the Transatlantic Slave Trade pushes Asante scholarship to the forefront of African diaspora and Atlantic World studies by showing the integral role of Fante middlemen and transatlantic trade in the development of the Asante economy prior to View on amazon. Slavery and Its Legacy in Ghana and the Diaspora more. Ghana-for all its notable strides toward more egalitarian political and social systems in the past 60 years-remains a nation plagued with inequalities stemming from its long history of slavery and slave trading.

The work assembled in this The volume is structured to reflect four overlapping areas of investigation: the changing nature of slavery in Ghana, including the ways in which enslaved people have been integrated into or excluded from kinship systems, social institutions, politics, and the workforce over time; the long-standing connections forged between Ghana and the Americas and Europe through the transatlantic trading system and the forced migration of enslaved people; the development of indigenous and transnational anti-slavery ideologies; and the legacy of slavery and its ongoing reverberations in Ghanaian and diasporic society.

Bringing together key scholars from Ghana, Europe and the USA who introduce new sources, frames and methodologies including heritage, gender, critical race, and culture studies, and drawing on archival documents and oral histories, Slavery and Its Legacy in Ghana and the Diaspora will be of great interest to scholars and students of comparative slavery, abolition and West African history.

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Randy J. More societies challenging political power -- study.

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In a federal system, these micro-states face both domestic and international competition and are concerned about safeguarding their competitiveness. Originally the Nzema area was fragrnented politically, with a large number of micro-states , whose fluctuating fortunes are reconstructed in meticulous indeed, occasionally wearying detail.

In many cases, the leaked documents expose insider details of how agents would incorporate companies in Caribbean and South Pacific micro-states on behalf of wealthy clients, then assign front people called "nominees" to serve, on paper, as directors and shareholders for the corporations a disguising the companies' true owners.

Taken together, all this means that after secession the South would have several inefficient micro-states , some of them strongly divided by prejudice and class distinctions. Secession for South Yemen would lead to catastrophe.

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  7. Aside from US opposition, it makes no sense for the international financial institutions to exclude Cuba, given their universalist mandate - their membership covers virtually every country on earth, with the exception of Cuba, North Korea and some micro-states - and history of engagement with needy economies regardless of political proclivities, from Vietnam to Nicaragua. Ending Isolation - Part II.

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    Africa's micro-states are mostly too small and too weak to make a difference in the global trade and economic regime. Can Africa be the new miracle economy? Professor Said Adejumobi argues that all current indicators point to Africa becoming the 'miracle economy' of the world over the next few decades.

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    Can the continent, he asks, now claim the 21st century? This broader potential membership includes a very high proportion of less- and least-developed countries, micro-states , and transitional economies, all of which face particular accession challenges that are examined in the final parr of the article. Barriers to universal membership of the World Trade Organization.